Blind Buck Memorial bullets and Keepsakes is a company that provides Keepsakes for the loved ones of both the Hunter and the Military Service Members. It is designed to be able to keep them and their memories with us. As the owner whether you request just an Engraved Bullet or a Framed Bullet I feel that a Quality Keepsake is the most important thing I can provide.

engraved memorial bullet and framed photo

Framed 5×7 mat photo and engraved bullet

The Memorial Bullet is an actual bullet that is engraved with the name, date of birth, and date of passing into the bullet casing. NOTE that the Memorial Bullet is NOT a Live Bullet. It does not have a live primer or any powder (It Will Not Fire). The Memorial Bullet is a keepsake that can be given to family members and friends and allows them to keep a part of the loved one with them. I will put the ashes or hair of the loved one into the bullet casing and seal it in by using epoxy and crimping the bullet into bullet casing. I can use either Brass Casings or Nickel Plated Brass Casings. The nickel plated casings that when engraved shows the brass underneath which makes the engraving stand out.